Single Dog, 30 Minutes, $65

Single Dog, 60 Minutes, $80

Single Dog , 90 Minutes, $100

Two Dogs, 60 Minutes, $110

Two Dogs, 90 Minutes, $125

Two Dogs, 2 hours, $150

Home Consultation and Evaluation

If you have your own home pool, and would like to have me come to you, let’s talk about it. Call or email and we’ll work up an initial fee for travel and consult time.

Consult and Evaluation

 Your homework is to have your Vet Approval Form completed and your Water Therapy Profile filled out before this appointment.  

Special Swim and Multi-Swim Packages

Sometimes you just want a special treat for your pup, and sometimes you're arranging the perfect way to say goodbye.   Please call me to talk about a special "Last Swim" for your fur kid.  Call for a price.

Need a package of 10, 20 or even 50 swims, let’s talk about a discount.